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Keywords: Mr
Downloads: 17,571
[texts]Batman. Begins. 2005. German. AC 3. BDRip. Xvi D I NCEPTi ON
Keywords: mr
Downloads: 12
Keywords: mr
Downloads: 8
[audio]سورة الإخلاص - Mr_7aso0on
Time- 0:23
Keywords: MR
Downloads: 14
Keywords: mr
Downloads: 30
[audio]hold time - mr
Keywords: mr
Downloads: 4
Keywords: mr
Downloads: 60
Keywords: mr
Downloads: 14
[texts]MR Dr Ahmed Samir
Keywords: MR
Downloads: 24
Keywords: MR
Downloads: 135
[audio]IUMA: Mr.NoNo
This young veteran of rap and freestyle, brings solidarity,and piece of mind to the ears of all listeners,...young and old! Representing Dallas,Tx to the fullest, Mr.No is a "Bonafide Hustla" NorfCide Baby!! First starting back in 91, with his cousin"Apollo",and brother "Leno Mo" using a karaoke machine,..a Casio dj keyboard,.and a Radioshack mic, they began making hits selling tapes around Palestine,..building a strong name and image...
Keywords: Mr.NoNo
Downloads: 5
brent-drums, chris-vocals/guitar, dent-bass and dave-guitar, all pray to the beer god.....what else do ya need to know?
Keywords: MR.MACHETE
Downloads: 8
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Creed
Mr. Creed started his company, Knightmare Music to showcase his talent in a way that lets him retain creative control while producing a sound quality that rivals the major labels. Networking is a major part of the game. Whenever rap artists come to 205 Kountry, Mr. Creed is on the scene. It doesn't matter if they're major or independent, black or white, male or female. You never know who can help you or who you can help...
Keywords: Mr. Creed
Downloads: 14
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Brown
Hey there! We're 3 guys from Germany that make awesome music and rock the house. We've played together since 1998. Just download our songs and you'll dance!
Keywords: Mr. Brown
Downloads: 24
[audio]IUMA: Mr Zero
I have been playing with samplers, drum machines and turntables since about 1980. I used to do beats for my rapper friends back in grade school. I pretty much left the music alone back in the late eighties and focused my creative energy toward art (I plan on putting some original cover art on my page as soon as I convert a few pieces from animations and bitmaps I have done). I started feeling the music bug again a couple of years ago when a producer buddy of mine showed me some of the new techno...
Keywords: Mr Zero
Downloads: 36
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Revolution
Mr. Revolution is a Grunge/Rock band. We play all original music... sorry no covers. Influenced by Nirvana, Pink Floyd and Primus.
Keywords: Mr. Revolution
Downloads: 5
[audio]IUMA: MR Myrrick
Independent artists looking for a shot at mainstream. From the southside of Chicago, making music for 7 years. need exposure. Visit http://www.cdbaby.com/mrmyrrick to hear the cd that's being promoted
Keywords: MR Myrrick
Downloads: 22
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Producer
Self made producer since 1994. Large music backround. Out to show out all hip hoppers the true skillz.
Keywords: Mr. Producer
Downloads: 30
Mr. Neegoo is crazy, twisted, funky producer Mr. Neegoo. He does dance tracks, reality tracks, funky instrumental tracks....just funky ass tracks for everybody!Living in the wilderness they call the Pacific Northwest, the only music you heard was imported from elsewhere. Listening to all these different styles made Mr. Neegoo come up with his own thang. He played in a punk band, funk cover bands, a funk/rock outfit and thru all of this , this is what it has revolved into...
Keywords: MR. NEEGOO
Downloads: 15
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Rosewater
Mr. Rosewater is a quartet that synthesizes music from many musical wells. They have documented their collective schizophrenia in an eight song self-titled and self-released CD. The seeds that grew to be Mr. Rosewater were planted on a Friday afternoon in 1996 when guitarist Andrew Field, sax player Thomas Smith, and Bassist Pete Brendler jammed together. Their collaboration grew into an eight member band Groove Manifesto, which eventually distilled into a cohesive quintet...
Keywords: Mr. Rosewater
Downloads: 16
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Chunx
In late 1997 my former band suddenly lost it's momentum and died. Our drummer and myself decided to start a new project , but we werent sure how. Everyone who we knew that liked punk had been in our band. We started to advertise and we came up with our bass player. At first he wanted to play guitar but he soon grew to love bass. We were then a 3 piece band and we started to play bad parties. We continued doing so under the name "the plaque"...
Keywords: Mr. Chunx
Downloads: 8
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Playdough
look at me... i am Mr. Playdough... and look... there's me... yes... aren't i fun? yes... music... it's good... if you want more... e-mail me... mr_playdough@hotmail.com
Keywords: Mr. Playdough
Downloads: 10
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Joe
Parent Choice calls Mr. Joe, "Everyone's favorite uncle hamming it up like Elvis while subtly teaching counting and other skills". Mr. Joe understands and loves children starting with his own (4). He has underscored music as a primary element, teaching with it; loving with it; building confidence and self worth with it; and easing fears and apprehension with it. With twenty plus years performing experienced, Mr...
Keywords: Mr. Joe
Downloads: 9
[audio]IUMA: Mr.Smith
Mr.Smith is just a man. Just a man who believes that there is a reason he hides in his closet and makes music. He believes because if he did not, what would he have left?
Keywords: Mr.Smith
Downloads: 21
[audio]IUMA: Mr.Smiley
A remixer out here in Las Vegas sampling music creating unique beat from back in the dayz.I always wanted to mix and thanks to excellent computer software im able to do thing i couldnt do on turntables
Keywords: Mr.Smiley
Downloads: 18
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Styme
Mr. Styme is simply put the most complete artist/producer of the unknown. His lyrics tell of the day to day struggles of the young black male growing up in Eastside Long Beach.
Keywords: Mr. Styme
Downloads: 10
[audio]IUMA: Mr.Fixit
See www.glareband.com
Keywords: Mr.Fixit
Downloads: 15
[audio]IUMA: mr twitch
we formed after the aftermath of glastonbury 99 robs in to production ian and ali are in to writing songs put it all together and you have the unbeatable world of mr twitch rob jackson is from the u.s.a. he grew up in arizona with his audo engineering background he is unstopable ian forde from liverpool with his song writing abillity he again is unstopable ali's from liverpool as well with is hedge exprerance and origanl style he to is unstopable
Keywords: mr twitch
Downloads: 8
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Bogart
Mr Bogart is AKA Johnny Pippins. He is one of the Hottest Rappers comming out of the Iowa Correctional Facilities. Locked up for a jacking. Johnny Pippins continues to further his rapp career in the penn. Him along with the group T.O.N (Those One Niggaz. Has homed there craft from the inside. And With the help of DJ Mixxin Mel their music will be heard. So sit back and enjoy the sounds comming straight out of Anamosa Iowa State Penn...
Keywords: Mr. Bogart
Downloads: 8
[audio]IUMA: mr ripple
bedroom pc based. fulltime nurse. music a hobby. an old fart who likes to dance.(49 years old) I use acid music2, data becker pro and an evolution keyboard through a soundblaster live. ride a bike paint draw, all the arty stuff. married to a nurse.
Keywords: mr ripple
Downloads: 8
[audio]IUMA: mr. morningstar
we had an idea. for such a very long time, we have been sick of everything in this world; why not create music for other people who also felt this modern day apathy? and so Mr. Morningstar was born. formed in September 1999, Mr. Morningstar is an emotional-aggressive band based out of London, Ontario. hard-hitting guitars and soaring vocals drive this energetic and ambient four-piece. songs of introspection, songs of growth/decay, and songs of relationships flow gracefully together throughout th...
Keywords: mr. morningstar
Downloads: 16
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Moon
This is the site I'm using to pre-release new material from my solo project, Mr. Moon. I am currently in the process of updating and recording older tunes of mine, as well as creating and producing new material. My tastes are fairly eclectic, and in time I'm sure my tunes will demonstrate this.
Keywords: Mr. Moon
Downloads: 17
[audio]IUMA: Mr.Sinister
Mr.Sinister is a rock`n`roll foursome with a major attitude. If you like Led Zeppelin, Free and Aerosmith, you should check these guys out!!! That goes for any record label also!! The band has worked festivals and clubs 'round Norway for the last year, and received outstanding reviews for their high quality and tight musicianship. This is a band one should look out for. This band is coming!!!
Keywords: Mr.Sinister
Downloads: 9
[audio]IUMA: Mr. FASTER
THE TRACKS CONSTANTLY INCREASE IN TEMPO SO YOUR SPEED MAY BE UPWARDLY AFFECTED . >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> These tracks are NOT for use in a moving vehicle .
Keywords: Mr. FASTER
Downloads: 10
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Bella
the band was formed in early feb'98 with founding member Erin Marie (vocalist), so she meet megan (bass) and she got eric (drums) who went and got chad and ian (guitars) and after forming the started praticing and writing some songs and went into the studio to cut the cd after only 3 months together and have played countless numbers of show's all over the state of Florida.
Keywords: Mr. Bella
Downloads: 12
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Wax
Trees. 12-gauge shotgun. A few body bags. And a copy of Redneck Zombies are just a few of the ingredients that make Mr. Wax who he is. A native of the city proclaimed "Middle of Nowhere", Wax has grown up in a fucked up place with fucked up values and fucked up people. Growing up listening to Nirvana, Esham the Unholy, adult figures mouths, and watching countless horror movies from the early to mid-80's era it's pretty simple to see why he says and does the things he do...
Keywords: Mr. Wax
Downloads: 7
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Fairplay
Producer, Writer, Rapper, Singer, Recording Engineer all self taught,Mr. Fairplay does it all! Can make you dance, smile or cry. Music's new standard. Stationed in South Korea 12 miles from the DMZ (Demilitarilization Zone) Mr. Fairplay had a decision to make as he entered his barracks room, getting out of "full battle rattle" comming off an alert. Re-enlist or pursue another career.......hmmmmmmmm Done! I think I'll become a producer was the thought and he never turned back...
Keywords: Mr. Fairplay
Downloads: 10
[audio]IUMA: Mr.SmileyProductions
ETM productions was started about 2 years ago to influence the scene out here in Vegas.I mix music and create beats.My homies rap and create beats.
Keywords: Mr.SmileyProductions
Downloads: 5
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Bennett
Mr. Bennett plays rock and roll for sheep and the men who love them. Our sound is truly hard to classify. Take equal parts Punk, Country, Metal, Blues, and plain old Balls-Out Rock and Roll, shake well, and set on fire. Picture AC/DC on crack, or The Offspring on a tractor. We started out in the fall of 1999 and the trouble began. At first we were named Fertilizer Bomb, but there was this guy down the street from our practice space named Bennett...
Keywords: Mr. Bennett
Downloads: 21
[audio]IUMA: mr.cadawalter
been working at this for only about 3 years would really like to know what ppl think its all kind of experimental and in depth i like to use alot of strange frequencies and percussion to get interesting layering and patterns all the "genre" listings are very general i dont like the idea of "genres" so take them as you hear them and let me know what you think im looking to collaborate vocalist/emcees in particular but anyone who would like can remix if they ask nice thx alot, F.R.E.D...
Keywords: mr.cadawalter
Downloads: 37
[audio]IUMA: Mr Fistar
Mr Fistar play high energy rock that pumps. They have toured through North America and Australia supporting bands such as the Screaming Jets etc. Their new EP 'Trough Lolly' should be out around November 2001. The guys just can't seem to spend enough time in the studio these days.
Keywords: Mr Fistar
Downloads: 8
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Muggy
6-piece blues-based acoustic/electric rock with emphasis on vocals & melodies. Very versatile style-wise, well-produced, critically acclaimed debut album.
Keywords: Mr. Muggy
Downloads: 28
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Ace
i always loved hiphpp.....been listen to it for more than 10 years now and i'm 17....just love the game....i like to write rhymes, express my feeling when i rap and shit........i want this to be my life...and hiphop is my dreams....and if i don't have talent or wuteva...i will still never give up....
Keywords: Mr. Ace
Downloads: 7
[audio]IUMA: Mr. NsiZioN
band was formed well i started rapping late 94 more towards 95 so i been rapping for awhile and 96 i think i started horrorcore scary rap and that about it im going to be big so ummm BUY MY CDS
Keywords: Mr. NsiZioN
Downloads: 17
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Yuck
The definition of an incalculable force is sometimes problematic. Witnessing the explosive force of a gigantic volcano, or surviving the chaotic thrashings of a hurricane leaves a person speechless. How do you describe such overwhelming power? Defining the incredible energy that a live performance from Mr. Yuck produces is equally difficult. "Mr. Yuck seems to possess the crowd with a frenzy of activity, building up the tension until it's almost unbearable...
Keywords: Mr. Yuck
Downloads: 12
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Green
John and Matt started a band to have fun. People started liking us... a lot.... and now we're here. They started playing at a local coffee house here in Springfield, MO where John and Matt both attend SMSU. It started as just a fun thing to do on Monday nights, but now... it's more fun... because people like to hear us play and support us well. Hopefully you will enjoy our style. Thanks for coming to our site...
Keywords: Mr. Green
Downloads: 7
Downloads: 9
[audio]IUMA: Mr Medway
Kent Folk and Comedy Singer/songwriter, have supported Jake Thakray, Richard Digance, Martin Carthy, eric Idle, etc; have two C.D's out at present, on GARDEN OF ENGLAND a serious album and EFFIN ROCHESTER a comedy album I have a U.S site at www.mp3.com/paulcarr and a U.K site at www.mrmedway.co.uk
Keywords: Mr Medway
Downloads: 10
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Panda
This is the music of a bored, insomniac college student. I'm 18 years old, live in Florida, and I am addicted to computers. I don't expect you to enjoy my music, but I do encourage you to be open minded and give it listen. I have been making electronic music for several months now and have gotten to a point where I want to share my music with others. I have always been an admirer of musicians, but have limited instrumental skills myself...
Keywords: Mr. Panda
Downloads: 23
[audio]IUMA: Mr. Cherokee
Mr.Cherokee BiO Name: Daniel WestBrook StageName: Mr. Cherekee DOB Unknown Lyrical/Musical Style Alwayz INTENCE Mr. Cherokee is a native of California who has been all over the world. >From Japan to Spain to Mexico and about half of the 50 United States, including 3 years on the East Coast. He is mixed caucasian and native american and has been an M.C. for about 12 years. Mr. Cherokee started as a teenager with a group called L.T.K (Licensed Ta Kill) which never really took off and then had a c...
Keywords: Mr. Cherokee
Downloads: 13
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